Alenia Morning Check Process

Chatty based solution for Alenia Aermacchi for their Morning Check


Alenia Aermacchi is an Italian Aerospace concern. Everyday the first task that is carried out by their IT department is to check the health of their IT infrastructure. This infrastructure spans over 12 sites and over 120 items and their lists that need to be checked. This used to be done using shared spreadsheets. A group of “Inspectors” in each of the division checks the list against each of the item. The inspector mark each every entry against each item as OK - or not. In the later case, information against the entry such as severity of the anomaly, supplier of the item, any ticket number etc. is entered as well. Each of the site has a supervisor, who used to gather all this in the spreadsheet in a specified format. The Site Supervisors also need to review the test results and approve those. The site supervisors then send these spreadsheets to the collector at the head office. The collector again collates the information in a spreadsheet and the result is a health status of the Alenia Aermacchi IT infrastructure that can be shared with the management.

Major Problems faced by Alenia Aermacchi;


Chatty and Nofrill came up with a process using the workflow capabilities of Chatty Apps. The process can be launched manually by a single button push - or - in normal circumstances is launched automatically every day at a certain time. Once the process is launched a site level process instance is launched for each of the sites. For every site, the items + entries and the intervals that they need to be inspected is checked and instances launched for each of the items - which are assigned to a pool of inspectors. A real-time status update is provided once the test is launched which lets the supervisors know the progress of the check in a site and the sites’ progress itself.

As the check progresses, entries are made in an Oracle database with tables defined by the customer. These can be used to generate custom report that the customer needs over time. Once the test is complete a status reports are available for the test. These are in HTML form, downloadable PDFs and spreadsheets which the users can download any time.

The Process

This section will walk though the process as it is implemented at Alenia.

Daily Morning Check (DMC) Inbox

We came up with a custom inbox for Alenia, using HTML and backend web services provided by Chatty Apps. Use the following link to access the inbox. Please login using email address “” and password “qwe123”;

Go to DMC Inbox (demo)»


Unless there is a Morning Check running already, there will be an empty inbox. In that case press the “Manual Launch of DMC button” - which will bring up a page to launch a new instance of morning check. If there is already an instance running, the system will warn of that and ask if the existing instance should be aborted. Press the “Inizio” button in order to start a new instance of morning check.

Once launched the tasks in the inbox will show the status of the morning check. There will be multiple tasks for “Morning check del sito” - This is the instance for each of the site. There will be one for each site, FG, ROMA, Veneg etc. If you open any of these up, you will see the status of each of the items + lists to be checked in that site;


There will be one task for “Alenia Morning Check Global” - which will give the status of each of site in the test;


These sites and the items and the collection of tests against those items are defined in settings. For this site we have enabled only some of the tests and items, so as to lessen the number if items to check for demo purposes.


Settings contain 2 tabs;

The sites and users tab contain the sites which can be added and removed and the users defined as supervisors and inspectors for those sites. The test administrator or “collectors” as they are called in Alenia can also be defined. All of these can be added or removed as needed;


The inspectors and the site supervisors are defined as group and defined for each site. These groups are used as pools of recipients in the running of the process.

Similarly the elements to be inspected are defined against each item, and sites and the intervals of re-inspect are defined for each of the items + elements.

Completing Inspection Tasks;

To continue with the running of the process we will now login as - which is one of the inspectors of the TORINO site.

Logout from the DMC Inbox and login as "" and password “qwe123”;


There will be some tasks which the inspector needs to perform. The task mentions the Item as well as the element to be inspected - and the group to which the task belongs. Once the user opens up the task it is assigned to the opening user - thus removing it from the inbox of another user in the same group.

If there are no previous anomalies reported, the form will show up like the following;


If there are previous anomalies reported, the form will be more like the following (or if you select ‘Si’ - Yes from "C’e un anomalia”). In the case of previous anomalies you will only be able to specify if the anomaly has been resolved etc. For now lets report a few anomalies.


Once all the tasks for a certain site are finished, the process caries forward and an approval task for the site supervisors group is generated. You can login as inspectors and/or supervisors of other sites as well, whose users are defined as <site_name><site_name> and password “qwe123”.

Completing Site Supervisors Tasks

Login to the DMC inbox as - which is the supervisor of TORINO. If all tasks for TORINO are complete, we should be able to see the supervisors’ approval task. This is what it looks like;

The user can enter the information and approve the task.


Status Update for the DMC Administrator and Auto completing the DMC

If during the running of a test, the administrator opens any of the site or global task, they will get a complete picture of the test progress;


One of the requirements for Alenia was to be able to force complete the morning check - in case of inability to perform certain inspections. In this case for each of the items the previous status of the tests will be retained. This functionality is available in the “Alenia Morning Check Global - Da approvare” task. Press the button that says “Forza il completamento dei controlli”. It will force complete the rest of the DMC.

Once complete, there should be a Final Approval task in the DMC administrator’s inbox. This will contain the results of all the inspections through all sites and items;



Once this task is completed. There will be reports generated and you should be able to see those in the Reports tab of the administrator’s inbox.

The user can view the report online (Vedere) or download Excel or PDF versions of the report. In the background there are notifications are sent with the same reports to the persons defined within the process.



Using Chatty Apps, along with Nofrill, a solution was developed which resolves all the problems faced by Alenia and improves efficiency manifold. The supervisors and the administrators have clear visibility on the progress of the morning check. The users get notifications when new tasks come into their inboxes and they can perform tasks that are assigned to them.


Proceed to DMC Inbox (demo) »