Car Loan PoC

An example Workflow app which has the sale staff submit loan applications to the bank via their mobile devices - and the chatty workflow in the branch to take the process forward


A workflow app in Chatty Apps is a flow of steps that can be routed to different users. The workflow app has its data, rules and actions just like a Chatty App. Each of the user step in the workflow app could be a Chatty App or a custom form that can be accessed via a URL

In the case of the Car Loan PoC, the first step is a Chatty App, that has been designed for a mobile device. This can be used by the Sales staff in the field to file Loan Applications while they are with the customers. Once the Chatty App is submitted to the backend server, the Chatty Workflow engine takes over to take the process forward. The rest of the steps can be either Chatty Apps or normal HTML forms - which the branch staff can use within the bank premises


The Chatty App also gives an example of integration with a back-end web service that is used to look up customer information etc. for helping the field staff quickly enter the information needed for the loan applcation


Chatty Apps server exposes web services that the 3rd party applications can call in order to communicate with the server. Chatty Apps also provides java script objects that make it easier for the user to interact with these web services

The second step of the process uses a simple custom html form that displays the data that was submitted in the first step. These scripts are used to get the data for the instance in the HTML form and displayed to the user


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