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A set of complex calculations carried in a spreadsheet, presented by the app


Many companies large and small use spreadsheet for doing various types of calculations and estimations. Because of the flexibility and power of spreadsheets, they can be used across industries for number-crunching application such as engineering calculations, scientific calculations, pricing calculations, medical diagnostic and dosage calculations, financial/economic calculations, and many more. Chatty Apps can easily integrate with both Google spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and essentially enable mobile devices to become the front end to the calculation models implemented in the spreadsheet. In many cases these models for calculations are proprietary and the owner does not want to share the intellectual property by sharing the spreadsheet with the users who want to benefit from the model. Chatty Apps provides and excellent solution for that as illustrate in this example

JDH Corrosion Consultants is an engineering company specializing in providing consulting services to clients in the fields of water and wastewater treatment and transmission: mining and minerals; aerospace; marine facilities; petroleum refining and distribution; electric power generation; transportation; state and federal government agencies.

JDH Corrosion Consultants, Inc. provides an excellent example of how the new Chatty Apps helped them speed up mobile app development. According to Mr. Mohammad Ali, Vice President and Principal, “Chatty Solutions developed an app that provides mobile user interface for 10 commonly used engineering calculations performed in Google spreadsheet. We are impressed with the speed with which the app was developed without any programming/scripting, the ease with which it can be changed, and the fact that we could use Google spreadsheet sitting in the cloud to do the calculations without having to share the spreadsheet with anyone else.”

In this typical implementation Chatty Apps asks the user for inputs for a complex calculation, uploads the inputs into the Google spreadsheet via Web Services, the spreadsheet does a recalculation, and Chatty Apps downloads the results and presents them in the mobile device. If user has to change a calculation, they can simply change the formulas in the spreadsheet. This is the future of mobile apps which will leverage thousands of existing and proven back office applications residing behind the firewall and part of the existing IT ecosystem that has evolved over the past few decades. Chatty Apps simply extends the user interface of the apps over a secure network to all types of mobile devices.


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