ChattyApps PoCs

This site is for showing some proof of concepts that were created with Chatty Apps. It shows the power and ease of development in ChattyApps. In order to see the PoCs proceed to the ChattyApps Dashboard. If you need to see these in the studio, please create your account below.

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Salesforce Integration

A quick demo of how to create mashups of apps that help small businesses to work with SaaS applications in a user/mobile friendly and productive way

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Survey Apps with Google Spreadsheet

Run a survey from a Google spreadsheet. The questions and the response both are picked up from the spreadsheet and recorded in there.

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JDH corrosion app with Google Spreadsheet

Using the google spreadsheet integration and built in formula calculator, calculate various parameters to do with corrosion

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NSI Car loan PoC

Workflow app which shows how to have the sale staff submit loan applications to the bank via their mobile devices - and the chatty workflow in the branch to take the process forward

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NSI Claims Management

Workflow app which shows features like attachments and routing based on conditions

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Alenia Aermacchi DMC process

This is a live workflow app that is deployed in Alenia Aermacchi. It shows the ability of Chatty Apps to run workflow process accross multiple divisions and sites

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