Salesforce Integration PoC

An example of a Chatty App on top of Salesforce web services


Small businesses are increasingly using different SaaS applications for running their businesses. These applications are popular because they are;

examples are;

The Problem: Small company meets large company challenges!

While the applications listed above are indeed low cost, DIY and require limited or no IT involvement, they are still “island of automation” onto themselves and they contain “silos” of information that are isolated from each other. Information does not flow naturally and easily from one app to another. And in many cases the user has to type in the same information into multiple systems. There are “multiple versions of truth” as data is shared using spreadsheets or Google documents with no easy way of tracking and version control. The small company now has the challenges faced by a large company but lacks the resources or tools that only the large company can afford. Its employees also want to bridge the islands of automation and have information flow without friction from one app to another naturally in the normal conduct of the work by the various employees of the business.

SMBs is also are facing the BYOD (bring your own device) challenge. Employees are bringing their own smartphones and tablets to work and are expecting to access the information and do the work using these devices. The cost of supporting all the devices and OS is prohibitive for any SMB.

The Solution: Build Mash-ups Using Chatty Apps

Chatty Apps is an online development environment that allows companies to build cross-platform device agnostic apps without programming and coding. However the key is its ability to seamlessly interoperate with other backend applications without friction using popular industry standards such as SOAP/REST web services. Using Chatty Apps, the SMBs ar able to quickly build Inflows which are stand-alone Chatty Apps that perform a specific function. These Chatty Apps can be embedded in other Chatty Apps via simple drag and drop, enabling companies to make powerful mashups that combine the functionality of the various products they are using.

Chatty can help build mashups that enable small businesses to;

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The App.

This PoC shows the integration with Salesforce. The app uses web actions to communicate with Salesforce and display information about contacts and opportunities. It lets the user see/modify the details of any of the entities. The app also shows the concepts of inflows - where the apps can be merged into a single parent app to create mashups like that discussed above.

The following apps are part of this PoC


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