Survey App

A very versatile survey app that runs off of google spreadsheets - both for the survey questions and the responses


This app uses the Chatty's google spreadsheet service, which in turns talks to google spreadsheets to bring in the questions for showing to the user. The spreadsheet's format and cells are defined as so;

Spreadsheet defined in google docs for the survey
Survey Question Format (Make Sure You Use Correct Format!)
Type Question                    
Numeric   Units                  
Decimal   Units                  
YesNo   LabelY LabelN                
Multi   Choice1 Choice2 Choice3 Choice4 Choice5 Choice6 Choice7 Choice8 Choice9 Choice10
Rank5   Label1 Label2 Label3 Label4 Label5          
Rank4   Label1 Label2 Label3 Label4            
Title Pervase Poll                    
Intro This is a poll designed to test this application. The really important thing to note is that anyone who can type information into a spreadsheet can make Poll that runs on mobile devices. No other technical knowledge is required, That is all acomplished by the power of Chaty Apps
Conclusion Thanks for participating in this survey!
Press OK to submit your data to the server
TotalQ 7                    
Identity TRUE TRUE for getting email address or no  
Start of Questions
Words How do you feel today?                    
Numeric What is your weight? KGs                  
YesNo What is your Gender? Male Female                
YesNo Are you a US Citizen? Yes No                
Multi What is your favourite fruit? Apple Mango Grapes Apricot Cherries          
Rank5 How do you rate his performance? Excellent Good Average Poor Terrible          
Date What is your date of birth?                    

The Survey Chatty App reads the information from the spreadsheet. It displayes the title and intro based on the "Title" and "Intro" cells from the spreadsheet. After the preliminaries it goes into a loop based on the cell "TotalQ" in the spreadsheet. It reads in those many number of questions from the spreadsheet and then starts presenting them to the user one by one based on their types defined in the question itself. Once complete, it saves the information in the spreadsheet and presents the user with the final conclusion.


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